A Purifying Face Cleanser I’ve Been Loving

I wanted to do a quick post on a cleanser that I’ve been testing out and have really been enjoying.

derma e Purifying Gel Cleanser

You know I’ve been quite fond of the Trisan Antibacterial Cleanser for some time now, since I believe it helped my acne-prone skin; read about that here. But since I’m on a quest to use more natural products that aren’t jam packed with shitty ingredients and cheap fillers, I started researching other possible contenders for face cleansers.

I came across Derma E’s Purifying Gel Cleanser while reading this story on how to chose the right cleanser for your skin type (fellow beauty junkies – check this site out, it doesn’t disappoint). My skin type falls somewhere in between normal and combination/oily so I decided to give this cleanser a whirl.

What caught me completely off guard is that it comes out as a black gel; I’m assuming that’s the charcoal. I’ve been using this to remove my face makeup (coconut oil for my eye makeup), without using any wipes or cleansing water first, and my skin is left makeup-less and fresh after use. DSC02425


-all natural, babeh! 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free (P.S. – check out how many of your products contain mineral oil … a cheap oil that clogs pores. Read more about this crap here.), lanolin-free, gluten free, fragrance free, GMO-free (phew! that’s a lot of awesome.)

-Contains really interesting ingredients that aren’t just used as fillers, but actually serve beneficial purposes for your skin such as:

Kimarine Wakame = a potassium and magnesium-rich seaweed that is proven to protect skin against environmental pollutants (exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, heavy metals) – great for city livin’ or workin’.

Bladderwrack = an antioxidant-rich seaweed known for its water-binding properties, supporting healthy skin hydration and nourishment. Don’t get freaked by an ingredient that has the word “bladder” in it.

Activated Charcoal = helps thoroughly remove toxins from the skin’s surface. Insanely absorbent. Think of it just drinking up all your yuckys stuck in your pores. This stuff is potent. You can read about it and its benefits here.

Green Tea = potent antioxidant defense (is there anything negative about green tea? I feel like maybe we should just all start bathing in it).

Aloe Leaf Juice = revives skin with fresh, healthy hydration. Again – aloe is one of those things I feel like we should just all start bathing in. My hubs drinks Aloe Vera juice for his stomach issues. Although I cringe whenever I see him drinking the chunky, green mixture, it really seems to be a magical all-purpose plant.

-Leaves my skin feeling fresh and NOT dry – which pretty much all cleansers designed for purification or acne-prone skin do. Nothing worse than your skin being so tight and uncomfortable post face-wash that you literally want to slather a whole jar of moisturizer over your face. This leaves my skin refreshed and glowing – and if I had to, I could skip moisturizer and still be comfortable.



-Thought long and hard about this one … but came up with nadda!

One thing I despise is when beauty/fashion/lifestyle – who am I kidding – ANY type of blog – sound sales-y. So note that I’m not trying to be sales-y – I just think that my ladies and gents who appreciate a good product will enjoy this one. I’ve seen no new break outs as of yet (been about three weeks of testing), but I’m still keeping my Trisan cleanser handy just in case since my hormones can go bat shit crazy sometimes, leading to cystic acne on my forehead and cheeks. So lovely to be a woman.


Let me know if you’ve tried this or any other derma e products. I’m now really interested in trying more things from them, including their matching Charcoal Mask (which I’m curious how it compares to the ever-popular Glam Glow charcoal-based mask that comes with a hefty price tag). I noticed they sell some of derma e’s line at Sally’s Beauty Supply and my local grocery store’s natural section. I purchased mine on Well.ca for $21.49 CDN.


Thanks for reading!




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