Beauty Prep for My Honeymoon

T-minus two days until my new husband and I fly off to the land of the tropics, where the food, drinks, sand and sun are unlimited. Do you hate me right now? Because I would totally hate me if I wasn’t going on vacation in two days. Vacation braggers are the WORST. So I’ll stop.DSC02548

As you may have noticed, our honeymoon is a little later than the standard fly-away-right-after-you-tie-the-knot honeymoon considering we got married in May, but because of work commitments, we had to schedule it a couple months after we said our I dos.

In today’s post, I’m going over some low-key beauty treatments I’ve been doing or will be doing this week to prep for our honeymoon – to feel as pretty, natural and glowing as I can for my new hubs (even though I will be sweaty, frizzy, sandy and rum-drunk for the majority of the it.) 😉

1) Give those girls some lift

Girls referring to eyelashes. I have a lash lift scheduled for tomorrow evening, and my stick straight lashes don’t know what they’re in for! When I’m on a vacation that requires no more than lounging in the sun for the majority of the day, I never apply makeup until we get ready for dinner. If I was into lash extensions, I think they’d be a great choice for vacation (read my thoughts on them here), but since they’re not my thing, a lift is the next best choice. The one hour perm-type process makes my lashes look fluttery and eyes bigger, and overall I just feel I look more feminine, even without mascara. The cost for a lift where I go is $60 and it keeps my lashes curled and pretty for about 8 weeks. Yes, please! *I unfortunately don’t have a great photo post-lash lift without mascara … I’ll try to get one for a future post. Here’s one with mascara, though – but without they still look curled and pretty. DSC01538

2) Get it on … the glow, that is

My skin has been resembling a pubescent teenage boy’s for the past couple of weeks, and I’m not exactly sure why (I actually think it’s because I started incorporating dairy back into my diet … more about that in another post). I currently have a huge welt of a zit on my forehead that motivated me to cut my bangs completely in order to hide it (truth). So in order to try to fix my breakouts along with feel somewhat cute without makeup, I’ve been doing an at-home facial pretty much every night before bed for the past two weeks. I actually really enjoy face masks because it’s a way to pamper myself while in the comfort in my own home (meaning in sweats with a glass of wine and my dog cuddled up beside me trying to lick the mask off). I can’t say I completely enjoy the process of using these Tony Moly sheet masks, but they do feel somewhat luxe and I do notice a difference with the overall appearance and glow of my skin after using one.

I’m tempted to try one on the plane as well since I always break out after a flight, no matter the duration, but I’ll likely be too shy (it would definitely trigger some stares/screams/possible emergency landing). Speaking of skin, I just purchased another bottle of the Dermologica Age Smart Antioxidant Hydramist – THIS STUFF THOUGH. The scent, the hydration, the refreshing feeling you get when you mist it on your face – holy grail face mist right here. Will definitely be packing this. The husband likes it too. Although he has no choice because sometimes I just randomly go up to him and spray his face with it while yelling, “Isn’t this stuff the best?!?!”

3) Fake it

I, being the pasty pale Caucasian woman that I am, love a good tan. However, with skin cancer constantly on the rise in young people, not to mention all the studies that show just how much the sun ages you, I’m going to try to limit my sun exposure on this trip (even though I will admit, I really love the sun). With that being said, I’ve been amping up my self tanning game and every night after my shower I’ve been using my all-time favourite lotion that has a hint of self tanner in it, Moist Hemp Bronzing Moisturizer.

Sally's Beauty Moist Hemp Bronzing MoisturizerThis is so great for giving us white-as-a-ghost gals some colour without looking unnatural and orange. You can read more about my love for this product and my rants and raves on other self tanners here. I always feel better with a little colour, so this is an option that gives the perfect glow to my skin to complement my bathing suits and strapless dresses.

4) Deeeeeeeep Condition the Mane

I definitely need a colour touch up and trim, but I’m a procrastinator when it comes to that (even though every time I actually go and get a trim, I ask myself “Why the hell did you wait so long to get a trim?” since the mane always feels amazing post-chop). So basically I’m a pimply, faded, split-end mess right now. I blame marriage. But I’ve noticed a huge difference in the feel and look of my hair after I use this cheapy 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner by Aussie. Aussie 3 minute miracle conditionerI’ve been using it every few nights after I wash my hair, and leave it in for the duration of my shower (during which I sing obnoxiously and try to convince my dog to hop in with me), then rinse. It definitely has been making a difference in the way my hair has been looking, which is great – I’ll likely pack this for use over the honeymoon as well since the ocean tends to wreck havoc on my locks.

5) Get Polished

I’m the person that cannot stand a little chip in my nail polish, and have to paint them or touch them up on the daily. It’s a struggle. Life is hard. Two Christmases ago my husband and I vacationed in Mexico and I got a shellac manicure just before we left. Best.Decision.Ever. If you’ve had shellac then you likely know that the aftermath of it for your nails is brutal, and they require a lot of tender love and care to get them looking and feeling strong again. But having at least two weeks with unchipped nail polish is worth it, if you ask me. For my wedding I got gel polish and I found it was much less harsh than shellac for my nails. However, the place I’m went to today only had shellac, so shellac it is. As high maintenance as I sound, it will be nice to not have to worry about painting my nails for the duration of the honeymoon. I opted for a tropical, bright colour (that I’ll likely be sick of in a few days).

Pictured below is a vacation to Cuba we took a few years back, and as you can see, I just painted my nails, and my expression sums up how I feel about waiting for them to dry … (life is so hard)


Any beauty treatments you think I should try for the honeymoon? Anything you swear by before vacation or pre/post-flight? Leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading … catch you in a week!



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