Hi, I’m Lindsey, and I’m a beauty product addict. 

In a little more detail, I’m a 20-something makeup and skincare junkie based in Toronto, Canada. And let me emphasize the word “junkie,” considering I have a room in my home solely devoted to house my makeup, skincare and hair products.

I’m also a newlywed, sister, daughter, dog plus 2 cats mom and I love finding great beauty and skincare products that are affordable and work.

Besides having a lipstick obsession, I also am a huge fan of healthy foods & finds, coffee, wine (red wine can make an excellent “natural” lip stain) and home decor. So you’ll likely see some of these things featured on my blog from time to time.


About Robe & Rosé:

This blog is a way for me to document and share my latest makeup and skincare looks, finds and advice in a creative and fun way. I know there are many beauty blogs, but so many of them feature things just not affordable for gals with budgets. And I want to do that, as well as showcase tips, tricks and products that actually work for me.

The name of my blog was inspired by my favourite things to do at the end of the day; get in something comfy like a cozy robe and enjoy a glass of rosé (or Cabernet, or Pinot, er…well…you get the point), all while scrolling through my favourite beauty and lifestyle blogs. It relaxes me, inspires me and just makes me happy – and I’m hoping this blog will do that for you : )





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